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150’ Dia Oil Storage Tank

Field Services
  • Abrasive blasting & Coating to the Vertical Pontoon Vapour Space
  • Abrasive Removal
  • Airless Spray Application & Back Rolling of Coating

This onsite 150’ Dia Oil Storage Tank required the Vertical Pontoon Vapour Space Coated along with wrapping the Coating over the Rim Angle and 12” onto Pontoons to allow for Floating Roof Seal Installation

To do so, we implemented a custom project approach.

  • Performed pre-blast inspection
  • All sharp edges required chamfer with grinding disk to meet NACE SPO-178
  • Complete SCAT testing was completed for contamination to ensure acceptable levels
  • Heat was Induced in tank void under EFR to maintain Substrate conditions.
  • Surfaces were abrasive blasted to a SSPC-SP10/NACE 2 Near White Blast & Spent abrasive removed via Industrial VEC Loader Vaccumm
  • Total DFT Applied was 12 to 16 Mils of Devoe Bar-Rust 236 per Client Specification.
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