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24″ Diameter Fabricated Pipe Spools

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  • Abrasive blasting
  • Internal Lining of Pipe
  • External Coating of Pipe

Norpoint was awarded the Internal Lining & External Abrasive Blasting and Coating of 24’’ Diameter fabricated pipe spools for oil service.

  • Complete SCAT testing
  • Internal Surface Blast: Abrasive blast cleaning to SSPC-SP5
  • Internal Service Coating: Application of 12 – 16 Mils DFT of Devoe Devchem 253 Epoxy Phenolic Lining
  • External Surface Blast: Abrasive blast cleaning to SSPC-SP6
  • External Service Coating: Application of 4-8 Mils DFT of Devoe BarRust 235 Epoxy Primer & 2-3 Mils DFT of Devoe Devthane 389 Urethane Top Coat to the required finish colour “White”
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