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Floor & Bottom Oil Storage Tank Relining

Field Services
  • Abrasive blasting both open air and EBE
  • Internal Tank Lining
  • Plural Component Application
  • Contamination Identification

This onsite oil tank required 3’ of 180’ diameter floor & bottom relining. To do so, we implemented a custom project approach.

  • After mobilizing and following the setup, we prepared the surface. Surface preparation is completed with EBE Automated Dust Free Wheel-abraded Blast Units followed by Manual Surface Preparation on Walls, Chime & around Floating Roof Legs. This work was then followed by Abrasive Removal performed with Industrial VEC Loader Vacuum & Re-Bagged in Bulk Bags for testing & disposal off site.
  • Steam cleaned and abrasive blasted floor area for striker plate installation and coating for dunnage pads.
  • Shop coated striker plates were installed along with coated existing plates and the surrounding area. Shop coated plate (smaller) back buttered with grout.
  • Dunnage (wood support) were required by work safety codes, areas were coated and dunnage moved onto coated areas after curing & prior to full coating application. These areas were cleaned and coated again when dunnage was removed.
  • Soluble salts test was performed after steam cleaning and after blasts.
  • Slag knock off & some areas of concern directed to grind, Areas blasted after Coating Inspector’s directions for fix / repair.
  • All conditions recorded and monitored, prior, during and after preparation, application and curing.   
  • Completed stripe coating on all weld seams, corners, edges & repairs.
  • Full Internal Spray Lining Application in Progress to Floor & Bottom 3’ of Shell.
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