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Oil Storage Tank Floating Roof External Coating

Field Services
  • Abrasive blasting of Tank External Floating Roof & Pontoons
  • Abrasive Removal
  • Roller Application of Coating

This onsite 202’ Dia Oil Storage Tank required the topside of Floating Roof & Pontoons abrasive blasted & coated for a submerged service environment per client specifications. To do so, we implemented a custom project approach.

  • Performed pre-blast inspection and found the substrate was SSPC-ViS-1 CONDITION G1 with extensive pin point rusting visible.
  • All sharp edges required chamfer with grinding disk to meet NACE SPO-178
  • Some weld repairs were required to be completed by Client
  • Complete SCAT testing was completed for contamination to ensure acceptable levels
  • Heat was Induced in tank void under EFR to maintain Substrate conditions.
  • Surfaces were abrasive blasted to a SSPC-SP10/NACE 2 Near White Blast & Spent abrasive removed via Industrial VEC Loader Vacuum
  • Prime coat of Devoe Bar-Rust 235 applied after final blast inspection on a daily basis until the entire surface of tank was completely abrasive blasted & primed in.
  • Total DFT Applied was 12 to 16 Mils DFT in multiple roller coats per Client Specification.
  • Between Roller Application Coats, to attain specified DFT, the Surface was cleaned of all debris and Protrusions
  • All low areas Identified and recoated to specification
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